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Handwritten Collection: the new Accor Group brand

Handwritten Collection: the new Accor Group brand

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After new hotel openings and a reorganization, the world leader in hotels has just announced the creation of a new brand: Handwritten Collection. The year 2023 is definitely made for Accor.


Last Friday, the group announced in a press release the creation of a new hotel chain, which aims to be intimate and refined. No sooner said than done, the Handwritten Collection division already has a dozen establishments.


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Handwritten Collection enhances the Accor Group’s offering in the collection brands segment by integrating a selection of charming, one-of-a-kind hotels. Our goal, beyond the authentic experience we offer our customers, is to support the growing number of independent and boutique hotel owners who are looking to strengthen their international visibility, appeal to a wider audience and increase their revenues, without losing their identity,” said Alex Schellenberger, Accor’s international marketing director for premium brands.


Oru Hub Hotel ( Estonie)



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