[Luxus+ Magazine] Gaston Savina, a chef like no other

Gaston Savina is not a classic chef. As a private chef, he works for big brands as well as for very exclusive clients. On the occasion of the broadcast of Season 14 of Top Chef, in which he was a candidate before being eliminated on March 15, Gaston talks to us in more detail about the particular exercise of his profession, his cooking and his adventure in the M6 show. Interview.


What motivated you to become a chef, and how did you start your career?


I started with a classic course at the Alexandre Dumaine hotel school in Macon, Burgundy. In three years, I obtained a Bac pro hotel and restaurants, crowning a double training in cooking and service in the first year and a specialty of my choice in the second and third years. My teachers had argued over my choice of this specialty during the second year. They both wanted me, but I chose cooking because I thought it would be easier to change jobs if necessary. I would say that, in the end, my job is a good balance between cooking and serving.


You are a private chef, what exactly does your job involve?


My job is commonly called housekeeping.  I don’t intervene in the day-to-day running of the house, with all the problems that this entails, such as different meals for the children, etc. I manage the big family vacations, the parties and the big private events like birthdays, baptisms… I am not a caterer; I don’t have a lab. I work directly in people’s homes, I set up the table, I work with the teams on site. Nowadays, luxury brands love this kind of private and exclusive dinner: no more restaurants, they want to offer something unique to their customers, a decor, a menu, a chef that customers will not find elsewhere.


What is your relationship with the world of luxury?


Luxury represents 70% of my clientele, a very small portfolio in the end, less than a hundred clients, but handpicked, prestigious brands that I have met over time since the launch of my company. The world of luxury does not belong to me, I have the chance to enjoy a few privileged moments. But in the evening, I return home to my pleasant, simple life with my roommate.


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