Gaming : playground for Gucci

As the e-sports phenomenon reaches more and more 15-35-year-olds, many luxury brands are getting closer to this promising field. Partnerships between luxury houses and video games are multiplying, and the Italian firm Gucci is not to be outdone. Recently, the brand collaborated with Roblox, a successful online free-to-play game.


After its recent collaboration with another free-to-play game, League of Legends, Gucci unveils its digital garden on the game Roblox. The Italian fashion house decided to partner with the game on the occasion of its exhibition at the Gucci Garden in Florence, Archetypes


This exhibition, which looks like a retrospective, looks back on six years of Gucci advertising campaigns under the artistic direction of Alessandro Michele. It is possible to participate in this presentation from home, with the help of an audio guide.



With its partnership with Roblox, the brand offers many “skins“, clothes, and other cosmetics signed by Gucci and designed by the developer Rook Vanguard, to accessorize its online character, available in an exclusive store. Some players are willing to spend a fortune to acquire these luxury items, and the high fashion houses have understood this.



Gucci, at the forefront of these partnerships between luxury brands and video games, has already collaborated with various video games. These include The Sims, where the fourth edition of the game saw the brand integrate its line of clothing or accessories to style its avatars.


The sports game Tennis Clash has also seen Gucci interfere in its universe. Tennis avatars have the possibility to wear outfits available on the real e-shop of the luxury firm, such as Gucci Tennis 1977 sneakers. A great way to send your best backhand on the tennis court, which is also decorated with the Gucci logo.


This trend has strongly progressed during the different confinements and many luxury houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, or Marc Jacobs, are getting closer to this communication vector, which offers them the opportunity to reach a younger and different audience.




Discover Gucci, enter the world of luxury fashion and experience a unique interactive virtual exhibition inspired by the Gucci Garden, a living, collaborative and creative space in Florence, Italy. Begin your journey by walking through the arched doorway. To celebrate the more than 1 million visitors, we are offering the community a brand new virtual item created by Rook Vanguard, now available in the Gucci Garden experience. Find it now !“, the brand said when logging into the online platform.



The online platform has already generated more than one million visits after its launch on May 17. To discover the Gucci gardens and their interactive galleries, go here.




Featured photo : © Gucci



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