Frank BOEHLY (French Leather Council): “The global leather ecosystem is under threat”

Frank Boehly was re-elected in December 2017 for three years at the head of the Conseil National du Cuir (CNC, French Leather Council), which brings together 20 federations in the French leather industry, from production to distribution, through processing and manufacturing. In addition to his duties at the CNC, Frank Boelhy is also a director of the Conseil du Commerce de France (CdCF), vice-president of CTC, a member of the Bureau d’Au-delà du Cuir (AdC), and vice-president of the Alliance du Commerce (Union du Grand Commerce de Centre-Ville, Fédération des Enseignes de l’Habillement and Fédération des Enseignes de Chaussure). In the midst of the health and economic crisis, this defender of the sector explains the challenges for leather companies as they try to gradually recover.


Since March 16th, many leather companies have been at a standstill due to health measures related to the coronavirus. How has the CNC’s support for the 9,400 companies in the sector been expressed during these times of major crisis?


Before the end of the containment measures, about 90% of the sector was at a standstill, with the remaining 10% corresponding to the activity of traders who never stopped collecting hides from the slaughterhouses that supply the French with foodstuffs. An essential activity to relieve their congestion.


The aim of the Filière Française du Cuir was to enable all these companies to restart their activities as quickly as possible while ensuring that they comply with the strictest health rules to protect their employees.

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Featured photo : Frank Boehly © Patrick Alves


The editorial team
The editorial team
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