François Louis Nicolas Pinault joins Christie’s Board of Directors

On March 26, the eldest son of Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault joined the board of directors of the London-based auction house owned by the family holding company Artémis. The information, revealed by Bloomberg and confirmed by Afp, has not been officially confirmed, but suggests a dynastic succession to the third generation of the Pinault family.

he Pinault family is multiplying its first names (some of them royal) to help it navigate the family succession.

François Louis Nicolas Pinault, the eldest son of François-Henri Pinault, CEO of the luxury goods group Kering, joined the board of directors of the London auction house Christie’s, owned by the family holding company Artémis, on March 26.

At 26, he succeeds his grandfather, more modestly named François and founder of the French luxury goods group, now aged 87. His father, François-Henri, is 61.

The information was revealed by Bloomberg and confirmed by Afp, based on documents published on the British Register of Companies.


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