[Luxus Magazine] Ford Mustang: the best-selling luxury sports car in the world

This year, the Ford Mustang turns 59. According to a brand study based on S&P Global Mobility registration data, it is the world’s best-selling luxury sports car in the last 10 years!


Since 1964, the Ford Mustang continues to dazzle and conquer car lovers and car enthusiasts. This year, this iconic model of the American automaker celebrates its 59 years, but not only. Indeed, for 10 years now, it has kept the first place on the podium among the best-selling luxury sports cars in the world.


1964 Ford Mustang


Taking its name from a breed of domestic horse returned to the wild in the American Northwest and designating “a stray horse” in Spanish, the Ford Mustang is a sports car based on the model of the compact Falcon.


Sensing the emerging market of sports cars for young people, the manufacturer presented the first 1965 model at the Universal Exhibition on 17 April 1964. Developed in record time and on a tight budget, Ford plans to sell 100,000 in the first year, it will finally be 22,000from day one!


Since then, the success has never been denied for this car which launched a typology of accessible compact vehicles, with a sporty look and design: pony cars.


1,018,807 Mustangs were shipped between 2013 and 2022, with a historic total of 10 million cars crossed in 2018.


We are proud of the entire Mustang family, what it means to Ford and especially our passionate Mustang owners and fans,” said Dave Bozeman, Vice President of Ford Blue Vehicles and Ford Customer Service. “It is our commitment to serving the global Mustang community that has earned the brand the honor of the world’s best-selling sports car for 10 years combined“.


According to the company’s internal data, the US remains the country with the highest demand for Mustang accounting for 78% of global sales. Other markets include Germany, up 17%, Great Britain (+14%), Switzerland (+15%) and the Middle East (+7%).


Whether it’s a coupe or a convertible, a V8 or a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, a manual or automatic transmission, the Ford Mustang offers options at different price and performance scales.


The little new


The news in the arena? The seventh generation Ford Mustang 2024 called Dark Horse. It adds a new chapter to the history of this automotive jewel, between design, speed and functionality. It should be launched this summer in more than 100 international markets, starting with Uncle Sam’s country.


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