Luxury : Five elements to include in your brand strategy in 2021

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If the Covid-19 has not spared the luxury industry, it has on the other hand offered many prospects for renewal. While luxury hotels and restaurants are turning to take-away sales, fashion, jewelry and high-end automobiles have adopted e-commerce formulas. That said, luxury brands are still being driven to diversify. A look back at the five dimensions to be integrated into your marketing strategy in 2021.


1. Adapting to new online search usages


With the rise of artificial intelligence in the home, voice search is now a key digital marketing trend for 2021. Google reports that 27% of the world’s population with Internet access uses voice search, while Adobe finds that nearly 50% of searches are now voice-based. In addition, marketing services provider Nielsen says that at least one in four Americans have a smart speaker. To this, Mobile Marketer adds that voice search for shopping needs will have grown into a $40 billion industry by 2022.


Such results invite companies to rethink their SEO strategy. On the one hand, people using voice search tend to express their query with full sentences and ask questions to the search engine in a conversational tone. For example, Alphametic found that the average length of voice searches is 29 words. An effective marketing strategy in 2021 therefore implies optimizing its keyword system. The Johnny Walker whisky brand, for example, has developed a question-answer and recommendation system adapted to both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. On the other hand, voice searches conducted are three times more likely to be local this year according to a report from Meeker’s. It is therefore necessary to ensure that your marketing strategy is optimized for local SEO.


2. Create podcasts


By the end of 2017, Nielsen had already calculated that 50% of American households and 28% of Europeans were regular podcast listeners. In February 2020, Nielsen estimated that the total audience for podcasts increased by an average of 20% between 2014 and 2019. With containment measures, this number has increased further, making podcasts one of the major digital marketing trends for 2021.


Brands such as Four Seasons, Balmain, Fortnum & Mason and many others have already taken advantage of this opportunity. In 2020, Dior launched podcasts on arts and culture, tracing the history of those who have shaped the brand, and exploring themes such as feminist art or environmentalism. The recent series of podcasts by Chloé and Gucci are frank conversations, involving strong and emblematic women or hidden figures in the luxury industry. In August, BMW announced it would launch a music discovery podcast to highlight lesser-known artists.


3. Putting CSR at the heart of its strategy


Luxury brands must now meet consumer demands for green and sustainable practices, ethical manufacturing, online privacy and social justice advocacy.


In particular, companies would be well advised to follow the lead of Stella McCartney and Gucci who have partnered with TheRealReal to fight the waste of used clothing.


4. Preparing for 5G


Five to ten times faster than 4G, the 5G is capable of supporting a large number of devices. As a result, enterprise systems have to anticipate processing much larger amounts of data. It also means investing now in digital security systems to ensure customer privacy.


Futurologist Bernard Marr even advises incorporating all these elements into a 5G strategy that examines the benefits and challenges of this new technology.


5. Adapt, but stay true to your brand identity


The value of a brand lies in the authenticity of its know-how, but also in its heritage and the story it tells. Nostalgia is therefore a powerful tool. After the events of 2020, consumers are turning to what they already know to feel serene.


In their 2020 campaigns, Dior returned to the chic silhouettes of the 1950s, while Bowmore Whishy focused on reproducing the James Bond experience of the 1960s. All these innovative ideas paved the way for new proposals in luxury marketing.





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