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China represents a crucial part of Kering’s sustainable development strategy

China represents a crucial part of Kering’s sustainable development strategy

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From November 5 to 10, the third edition of the China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai. Present in China for 40 years in order to meet the growing expectations of consumers in terms of luxury, the firm Kering places the Asian hyperpower at the heart of its ecological projects.


While in 2019 Kering was already participating in the first edition of the CIIE, the French luxury group would like to take advantage of the event this year to present its new vision of the luxury industry and its role to play in the sustainable economy. It is therefore on the increased responsibility of the company with regard to contemporary environmental issues that the focus should be from November 5 to 10, according to Mr. Palus. The deputy CEO of Kering also assured that the presence of the multinational at the CIIE would serve to highlight its signature, “Empowering Imagination”, structured around this renewed perception of luxury and the efforts made by the French giant in terms of biodiversity.



The CIIE therefore represents multiple advantages for the Kering group. On a purely marketing level, this meeting in Shanghai is an opportunity for the firm to exhibit its creations and its know-how, but also to build relationships with international players. Moreover, China would represent “a crucial part of Kering’s sustainable development strategy” according to Mr. Palus. During the first edition of the CIIE, the company granted its “K Generation Awards”, or “prizes to encourage sustainable innovation in the fashion and textile sector”.


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