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Firmenich CEO Joins Four Seasons Board of Directors

Firmenich CEO Joins Four Seasons Board of Directors

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Global luxury hospitality leader Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts announced the appointment of Gilbert Ghostine, CEO of Firmenich, the world’s largest privately held fragrance company, to its board of directors.


With his increased knowledge of strategic growth and goal-oriented initiatives through, in large part, his position as CEO of Firmenich, Gilbert Ghostine is amply qualified according to Four Seasons to join its board of directors.


Gilbert is a principled leader with a clear vision that aligns with Four Seasons’ global growth strategy to preserve, grow and enhance the renowned luxury brand. As Four Seasons continues to transform its digital ecosystem for an enhanced customer experience, Gilbert’s foresight and expertise will be invaluable,” said Michael Larson, chief investment officer of Cascade Investment, the majority shareholder of Four Seasons.



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