Fifteen cosmetics players launch TRASCE, a traceability consortium

The aim of this new TRASCE consortium is to map supply chains in the Beauty sector across the entire value chain on a common digital platform, Transparency-One.

The beauty industry joins forces to improve the traceability of its supply chains.

Sponsored by the Fédération des entreprises de la beauté (FEBEA), fifteen major players in the cosmetics sector, including Chanel, Dior, L’Oréal, Clarins, Estée Lauder, Shiseido, Sisley, as well as L’Occitane en Provence and Nuxe, have joined forces to form a new consortium, named TRASCE (for “traceability alliance for sustainable cosmetics “*).

Its aim is to respond to “three fundamental challenges for the industry: to strengthen collective understanding of supply chains, to assess the related social and environmental risks, and to determine the actions needed to support supply chains in their transition“, explains L’Oréal in a press release.

Common digital platform

In concrete terms, “the founding members have committed to working collectively to map their supply chains across the entire value chain on a common digital platform, Transparency-One. Ultimately, the consortium aims to consolidate a collective approach to the analysis of related CSR risks, to interpret the data collected and define joint progress plans”.

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Featured Photo: © Chanel

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