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Ferrari’s share price rises thanks to its new SUV

Ferrari’s share price rises thanks to its new SUV

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Ferrari recently unveiled its long-awaited latest SUV, the Purosangue. Investors are thrilled: following the announcement, the shares recorded a solid gain.


On Thursday evening, Ferrari’s shares were quoted at just over 200 euros.  The price was 190 euros before the news of the release of the Purosangue. This is enough to delight investors, who are already savoring the good profit margins expected on this new SUV.


A high-speed launch


The base price of the new vehicle signed Ferrari is 390 000 dollars (391 000 euros). According to the investment bank USB, this price is about $40,000 more than expected: “It is significantly higher than most luxury SUVs currently on the market, as Ferrari continues to prioritize growth through value rather than volume.”

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