Fendi and Versace deliver the second act of Fendace

Last September, the two Italian companies Fendi and Versace formed an unprecedented alliance in the luxury sector. Although collaborations are commonplace in the fashion industry, they were not previously common between two companies belonging to two competing groups. In this case, the LMVH group, owner of Fendi, and the American group Capri Holdings Ltd, which bought Versace in 2019.


Named Fendace (a contraction of the two labels), the first act of the association took the form of a fashion show event during Italian fashion week. The artistic directors of each House switched hats, with Donatella Versace offering her vision of Fendi and Silvia Fendi and Kim Jones that of Versace.



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Featured photo : © Fendi x Versace


The editorial team
The editorial team
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