Faced with the risk of California wildfires, Napa Valley winemakers invest in Washington County

As the risk of wildfire intensifies in California, the wine market is migrating to Washington County. Highly prized for the quality of its land, the county is attracting more and more investors.


With wildfires becoming increasingly frequent in California, the big names in Napa Valley are snapping up prized vineyards in Washington State.


Such is the case of Jackson Family Wines, which consolidated its position in the Pacific Northwest in April 2022. The winery acquired a 24-hectare parcel at Mill Creek in Washington’s Walla Walla Valley. It comes from a 47-hectare property that belonged to the Abeja estate.


Nestled at the foot of the Blue Mountains on the eastern slope of the Walla Walla Valley, the vineyard site is cooler than the southern slope, providing ideal conditions for the production of grapes prized for their natural acidity and fruity aromas.


Strengthening our international presence


Today, other producers are moving in the same direction. Abeja winemaker Dan Wampfler sees Napa’s interest in Washington State as a golden opportunity to strengthen their international presence.


“We’ll follow in Napa’s footsteps until we’re in a position to impress on the international scene; we just have to elbow our way to the negotiating table,” says the producer.


“Napa now sees us as competitors, and the big names in Napa want a piece of the Washington pie, because our land is priced lower than theirs,” adds Wampfler. “Things are really starting to move here. The fact that estates like Jackson Family Wines and Cakebread Cellars are investing in Washington State sends a strong message about the quality of our wines.”


Increasing attractiveness


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