Fabergé inaugurates its James Bond collection with a tribute to the film Octopussy

Fabergé reveals an egg inspired by the 1983 film Octopussy. This exceptional piece is the first opus in its 007 collection, born of its partnership with EON production, owner of the rights to the James Bond film franchise.

The Fabergé jeweler, renowned for its eggs as Easter gifts to the imperial court of St. Petersburg, kicks off its James Bond collection.


The first jewellery piece, featuring an octopus, pays tribute to Octopussy, the name of a James Bond girl like no other and the plot of a film centred on a Fabergé egg, but also a sea creature cherished by the founder of the jewellery house.


This limited edition, limited to 50 numbered pieces, includes an egg-shaped object and a surprise medallion, also in the shape of an egg, available for purchase and pre-order on 007Store.com.


For your eyes only

Measuring 8.4 cm high, the œuf-objet in this first Fabergé x 007 capsule collection is a particularly elaborate piece. Crafted in 18-carat yellow gold, it has been hand-painted in a rich green enamel.


The underlying motif is a combination of Fabergé’s characteristic guilloché, accompanied by engraved octopus tentacles. The egg is mounted on a support set with white diamonds and blue sapphires. The egg encloses an octopus in 18-carat yellow gold, adorned with white diamond suckers and black diamond eyes.


© Fabergé x 007 Octopussy Collection


A true feat of craftsmanship, the egg-object required six months’ work in the hands of twelve specialists, who practiced nine different trades: spinning, dyeing, casting, goldsmithing, guilloché, hand-engraving, enameling, setting and polishing.


For its part, the Egg Surprise medallion features an 18-carat gold lattice frame delicately set with blue sapphires and white diamonds in a floral motif. The surface of the egg features a geometric guilloché pattern, and each piece has been decorated with green enamel to harmonize with the egg object. Finally, the medallion-egg also offers a surprise when opened: a miniature octopus in 18-carat gold with two black diamond eyes set inside.


The spy we loved

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Featured Photo:  © Fabergé x 007 Octopussy Collection

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