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Exit from the crisis in France: the Barrière hotel group reorganises

Exit from the crisis in France: the Barrière hotel group reorganises

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To tackle its exit from the crisis after having faced the lack of tourism and health restrictions, the Barrière group is putting in place new initiatives. Chairman and CEO Dominique Desseigne has decided, in agreement with the Board of Directors, to create a new department called Strategy & Development. This will be entrusted to his son Alexandre Desseigne-Barrière as of May 1st. Vincent Arnaud, a recognised hospitality specialist, is also joining the Barrière Group as Managing Director of Hotels and Restaurants.


Barrière wishes to bring a new dynamic to the family-owned group by accelerating and diversifying the development of its activities in France and abroad.


The mission of the Strategy & Development department is to bring a new innovative and unifying vision to the group in order to meet the major challenges facing the tourism sector today.


“In the coming months, the world of tourism and leisure will have to face many challenges. Not only to manage the recovery, but also to imagine our businesses of tomorrow, to anticipate customer expectations even more and to create sustainable value. I am delighted that my son Alexandre Desseigne-Barrière has accepted the responsibility of helping to build the Group’s future alongside the teams who are keen to share new ambitions with him,” said Dominique Desseigne, Chairman and CEO of Barrière.

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“We have many assets and I am proud of the mobilisation of everyone during this difficult year. The success of our reopenings, at Christmas or during the weekends of January and February, is a great source of satisfaction and hope for the future, and I know that I can count on the professionalism of Vincent Arnaud to accompany us through this period of renewal. I welcome him.”


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