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Estée Lauder ventures into luxury fragrances

Estée Lauder ventures into luxury fragrances

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The cosmetics, make-up and perfume house is relaunching its luxury fragrances with its 8 new perfumes.



Named simply “Estée Lauder Luxury Fragrance Collection,” the brand is entering the world of luxury fragrances with a new collection, ranging from $95 to $190 for 40 and 100 milliliters of elixir respectively.


Stéphane de La Faverie, president of the Estée Lauder Group, says: “We are witnessing what I would call an inversion of the pyramid, with a rapid acceleration of luxury and niche fragrances. While prestige is still the largest category, the one with the most growth is certainly luxury.


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Featured photo : © Estée Lauder

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