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EquipHotel 2022: a committed and responsible edition

EquipHotel 2022: a committed and responsible edition

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The EquipHotel show is back at the Porte de Versailles from November 6 to 10. This year, it will highlight a committed sector and will bring together more than 1,200 exhibitors from 41 countries, and will attract, on the visitor side, more than 110,000 professionals from the CHR (Café-Hotel-Restaurant) sector.

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This year, visitors will go from the virtual to the real with the return of EquipHotel at the Porte de Versailles. It is the oldest and most important exhibition of the hotel industry in Europe.


Every year, EquipHotel brings together thousands of visitors, exhibitors and industry professionals. Organized by RX France (Reed Exhibition France), it is sponsored in 2022 by the chef Christophe Hay, committed to a human adventure, the environment and the short circuit. This new edition is placed under the sign of the commitment and turns to sustainable solutions and respectful of the environment and the Man. Among the evolutions and innovations, we find the slow tech and the slow living, the energy savings as well as the soft mobility approaches.


A rich and diverse program


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