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Dior reopens its luxury temple on Avenue Montaigne

Dior reopens its luxury temple on Avenue Montaigne

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The most chic street in Paris sees the house of Dior reopen its complex after months of titanic work.


This hybrid place between boutique, museum and restaurant of the luxury house of Dior will reopen its doors this Sunday, March 6, to the delight of aficionados of the brand.


The idea of Pietro Beccari, president and CEO of the brand, was to empty this huge space of nearly 14,000m2 to relocate its offices to the new headquarters located a few blocks away, on the Champs-Elysées. The boutique is returning to its roots: 30-32 avenue Montaigne was originally a private mansion acquired by Christian Dior in 1946 to house his studio, workshops and the brand’s fashion shows.


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Featured photo : © Dior

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