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DIOR: a new collection of tableware in honor of the lily of the valley

DIOR: a new collection of tableware in honor of the lily of the valley

The tradition of the Dior House is to distribute lily of the valley to its employees every year on May 1st. But this tradition was suspended this year due to the coronavirus epidemic.


However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Dior May 1st custom has been suspended this year because most of the house’s employees continue to work from home.


Instead, the French fashion house is celebrating blooming, Christian Dior’s true signature, and is launching a new collection of home items designed by designer Cordelia de Castellane.


It was one of Mr. Dior’s favorite flowers,” said Mr. de Castellane. “He was extremely superstitious, so the lily of the valley was his good-luck charm.


In fact, in addition to offering his seamstresses and customers a sprig of lily of the valley on May 1st as a symbol of luck and happiness, the designer insisted that his florist grow it for him all year round in a greenhouse. So he could always wear a twig to his buttonhole or have the flower sewn into the hem of his clothes on his fashion shows.


Dior’s artistic director revisited the house’s emblematic motif, presenting a selection of porcelain plates, hand-painted or engraved glasses, and decorative blown glass balls and jugs.


© Dior


Although Dior has been proposing a porcelain service with a lily-of-the-valley motif since the 1950s, Cordelia de Castellane now presents a table service adapted to today’s tastes, made from Limoges porcelain and decorated with green and white designs.


© Dior


To give it a more modern and contemporary look, I have reworked the lily of the valley motifs with pencil strokes, which are reminiscent of the Toile de Jouy,” she noted, pointing to another reference of Dior’s interior decoration.

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This collection of table art can be used in a rural and bucolic setting, but also in a more minimalist context.


It has really been designed to adapt to a variety of interiors,” says Ms. de Castellane.


The collection is available on the Dior website, and will be sold in Dior Maison stores around the world.



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Featured Photo : © Dior

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