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Devialet unveils its first portable speaker

Devialet unveils its first portable speaker

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The French start-up Devialet releases its first portable speaker. Small but powerful, it has a Bluetooth and Wifi interface. The brand continues its international expansion and intends to conquer the market once again with this sound jewel.


Pure sound as a gift, for a limited time“. Such is the slogan of Devialet on its website to present its new model of speaker, named Mania. A bet of more for the manufacturer, specialized in the acoustic engineering.  Known for its high-end Phantom loudspeakers, it was not yet interested in portable amplifiers.


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It is now done with its latest innovation: a small ball of 2 kg, with a perfect design. Mania features the same functionality as the Phantom, with four full-range and two side-mounted drivers in a small, compact enclosure.


It’s the only mobile speaker in the world to offer hi-fi sound quality,” says Franck Lebouchard, the brand’s CEO.


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