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[Luxus+ MAGAZINE] Destination Hennessy: 250 years of know-how in Cognac

[Luxus+ MAGAZINE] Destination Hennessy: 250 years of know-how in Cognac

Starting in June 2021, the benchmark for cognac, Hennessy, invites you to the city of Cognac, just three hours from Paris, to discover the secrets of one of the world’s best-selling spirits in a unique sensory experience.


In the town of Cognac, less than 500 km from Paris, the Hennessy Visits offer an immersion in the history and heritage of this French town. Immerse yourself in 250 years of history during a memorable sensory experience



In addition to the tours already offered in previous editions, such as Hennessy Paradis Impérial or Henessy De la Vigne au Cognac, new tours will be available. The Hennessy Initiation, Hennessy X.O Evolution and Hennessy Exception tours have been added to the list.


This destination will be an opportunity to preview the latest creation of the expert Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, the fourth opus of the Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection, in the only Hennessy boutique in the world, also located in Cognac.


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The eaux-de-vie I have selected express both the suppleness and roundness that are characteristic of the style of some of the finest eaux-de-vie of our House. Master Blender’s Selection n°4 embodies these characteristics, easily identifiable while offering an original blend that will never be reproduced“, explains the Master Blender.


The Hennessy Initiation tour takes visitors behind the scenes of Hennessy cognac production for one and a half hours. The tour begins with a crossing of the Charente River to discover the places where, 250 years ago, Richard Hennessy drew the first lines of the company’s history.



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