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Dalloyau to choose Marie-Charlotte Familiadès as General Manager

Dalloyau to choose Marie-Charlotte Familiadès as General Manager

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Laurent Pfeiffer, president of Dalloyau, announces Marie-Charlotte Familiadès as general manager. She had held the position of Retail Director at the famous gastronomic firm since 2018.


At 39 years old, Marie-Charlotte Familiadès takes over the reins of Dalloyau. She began her career in 2005 at Le Bon Marché as a sales manager. Afterwards, she will be in charge of the redesign of the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet which opened in 2014, reinventing this 3500m2 temple of taste by integrating 13 food counters and selection of exceptional chefs.


Laurent Pfeiffer, President of Dalloyau, said: “We are delighted to promote Marie-Charlotte to the position of General Manager of the group. Since her arrival at Dalloyau, Marie-Charlotte has successfully taken up various challenges, including the digitalization of our activities. Thanks to her perfect knowledge of our businesses and her strong strategic vision, Marie-Charlotte will be in charge of deploying our strategic plan in terms of concept, offer, distribution and organization, both on the French and European markets and internationally.”


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Featured photo : © Dalloyau

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