Chinese New Year: Coty unveils a limited edition lipstick line for Gucci

For the first day of the year, and especially for the Chinese New Year, Coty has unveiled a line of three Gucci satin lipsticks, in limited edition. These were on sale in airport boutiques in America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


The collection therefore consists of a  25* Goldie Red lipstick, a 505 Janet Rust and a 513 Emmy Red. The first two shades already existed in previous Gucci collections, however the last one owes its specific existence to the Chinese New Year event. Each lipstick is accompanied by the scent of violet.


As a tribute to the event, the lipsticks are contained in red and gold tubes and in a packaging of the same red. The latter is adorned with engravings designed by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele, a blend of the house’s main motifs with contemporary design codes.


Throughout the campaign, which also echoes the codes of the Gucci Beauty Holiday Spectacular, the lipsticks wander under the control of puppet strings. All this in a red and gold atmosphere, the colours of the Chinese New Year. The puppet concept thus makes a nod to the puppets of Punch and Judy.


The launch of this line is not insignificant, Coty by this launch has indeed brought together a combination of winning factors: the chosen product known as a flagship product for Chinese women’s wear, a growing Chinese market, and finally, a possible repetition of the success experienced in 2018 for the launch of Gucci’s first lipstick.


Even if lipstick is one of the cosmetics that have suffered the most from the crisis, mainly because of the wearing of the mask, it remains an indispensable product and very much appreciated by Chinese women. It is associated with the image of the modern Chinese woman, but is also classified as a luxury product.


The Chinese market, having recovered economically ahead of other countries, was the main target of strategically important groups during the crisis. It has also boosted the turnover of more than one brand, and it is not for nothing that the Chinese New Year has become the major trade event.


For example, Hermès was able to hold its own more than its competitors during the crisis, mainly thanks to the Chinese New Year, which had counted almost as much as a double month in 2020.


In 2018, Gucci had a huge success with the launch of its first lipstick, which sold millions of copies. The lipstick, called “Sail Lipstick”, enabled the company to sell more than a million copies in a single month. It remains to be seen whether this limited edition will achieve the same success.




Featured Photo : © 513 Emmy Red Gucci


The editorial team
The editorial team
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