Chinese brand Hongqi selected to supply official vehicles for embassies

The Chinese car brand Hongqi will now supply official vehicles to Chinese embassies and consulates around the world, following a partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This decision marks a new phase in Chinese diplomacy. With its models, Hongqi is positioning itself to conquer new markets and extend its global influence.


China FAW Group, the Chinese automobile manufacturer, in partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, agreed on Friday March 22 to test the use of Hongqi vehicles in embassies and consulates around the world.


In all, the Chinese manufacturer has supplied 77 diplomatic vehicles to Chinese embassies and consulates in 61 countries. Hongqi thus embodies the same prestige for China as Bentley for the UK, Aurus for Russia or Toyota for Japan: a manufacturer responsible for supplying official vehicles for the country’s top leaders.


This choice marks a new stage in diplomacy. Hongqi, an emblematic brand of the Chinese automotive industry, has always taken on important national missions. As the official vehicle of the Chinese President, Hongqi represents the image and dignity of the nation on the international stage.


The selection of diplomatic vehicles is not limited to prestige, but also reflects the essence of a nation’s culture and values. In this sense, Hongqi has established itself as the supplier of choice for government dignitaries, consolidating its status of excellence in the field.


Projecting Chinese culture


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Featured photo : © Prnewswire

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Hugues Reydellet is a young and passionate journalist whose favorite subjects are economy, culture, gastronomy, but also cars, and sports. With a sharp pen and an insatiable curiosity, Hugues is constantly on the lookout for new hot information to report.

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