Chanel opens a boutique in Zhengzhou, China

Chanel has set its sights on a new Chinese luxury city: Zhengzhou. This inauguration of a new outlet comes six months after the opening of its VIP salon in Shenzhen. This dynamic move enables the Parisian fashion house to strengthen its position in the Middle Kingdom.

Chanel has just inaugurated a new boutique in the capital of Henan province: Zhengzhou. Until now, this region, located in the central-eastern part of mainland China, hasn’t really been synonymous with high-end shopping.


This has created a new map of luxury in the province, and put the spotlight on this Chinese city of 12.6 million inhabitants, previously considered a third-tier destination, but now accepted as a first-tier one.


The Zhengzhou boutique is the 18th point of sale in the Middle Kingdom for the Maison de la rue Cambon, since its arrival in the country in 1999.


A new VIC-friendly address


Located in David Plaza, Zhengzhou’s only luxury shopping mall, Chanel’s new retail outlet pulls out all the stops.


Spanning 841 sq. m., the boutique, designed by the faithful Peter Marino, immerses visitors in the world of Chanel from the moment they enter, thanks to the presence of a Christmas tree adorned with double Cs and stars.


The spacious space showcases a wide range of the House’s products, from fashion to leather goods and watches and jewelry. Shoes and eyewear are also available.

Reflecting Chanel’s ultra-personalized distribution strategy in the country, the Zhengzhou boutique includes a private lounge area reserved for the best customers.


As Anaïs Bournonville, co-founder of consulting firm Reverse Group, points out, “this new Chanel location confirms the strategies at work in the country, namely capitalizing on new first-tier cities, forging collaborations with new department stores and relying on a VIC (very important client) clientele.”

For this specialist of the Chinese market, “the strategy is astute when you consider that VICs are the fastest-growing segment among luxury goods consumers in China“.


Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion at Chanel SAS, affirms that the opening of the Zhengzhou boutique is part of a strategy of measured and assured growth. This is not to confuse speed with haste, given that the Maison de la rue Cambon already has 18 units across the country, mostly in first-class historic and emerging cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou…).


With no intention of stopping there, the Maison plans to extend its retail footprint to Chengdu and Nanjing.

This new store closes the gap in China with Hermès, which has been present in the country since 1995 and has 33 points of sale.


A growing luxury destination

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Featured Photo: © Chanel

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