Champagne EPC signs exclusive partnership with Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches

EPC House Becomes the Exclusive Supplier for Bateaux Mouches in Paris. Five years after its creation, the brand is experiencing a new stage in its development.


The year 2024 seems full of promises for EPC. The young Champagne House has announced becoming the exclusive partner of the Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches.


This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the company founded in June 2019. “We will be visible everywhere in Paris on the most iconic boats of the capital,” enthused Édouard Roy, co-founder of EPC.


Each year, more than 2,500,000 visitors board the Bateaux Mouches, making this institution founded in 1949 the 4th most visited paid monument in Paris. A prime showcase for the champagne brand, which will be served on the fifteen sightseeing and restaurant boats of the Company, as well as on the very popular rooftop Mademoiselle Mouche, offering a direct view of the Eiffel Tower.


This partnership follows the implementation of a new menu on board the establishments of the Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches. The imminent start of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the tourist influx generated by the event encourage a greater emphasis on French gastronomy. For Arnaud Ruffier, director of catering at Bateaux Mouches, EPC champagne stands out as an ideal representative of the terroir. “Each cuvée offers a real journey through the Champagne landscape. The back label on each bottle is a guarantee of traceability and transparency in our eyes.”


Champagne EPC, between Tradition and Artificial Intelligence

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Featured Photo: © Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches

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