Burberry Streets: the equestrian knight logo invades cities

The luxury brand emblematic of the “Distinctive English Mood” is coming to town, starting with its headquarters in London. This season, Burberry is preparing a street marketing operation on an unprecedented scale.

The aim of this half-commercial, half-experiential communication operation is to “celebrate the art of discovery and exploration in cities around the world”.


This new street marketing strategy comes just a few weeks before London Fashion Week, and just a few days after the launch of the first collection signed by its new artistic director, Daniel Lee.


An urban world tour


Like Philéas Fog, the impetuous and ambitious hero of Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, Burberry is preparing for an international tour of the planet’s greatest cities, starting with London.


An understandable starting point, highlighting its British roots as well as its anchorage in the capital and its suburbs.


For the occasion, Burberry will be lending its colors to Norman’s, a North London café renowned for its British cuisine. An event is scheduled for September 13. During London Fashion Week, a traveling Norman’s food truck will be making appearances on the Strand and in Duke of York Square.


The symbols of the British House will be present in many places in the capital, with flags featuring the new pink print flying over Bond Street, while screens in Piccadilly will present the video campaign for the Autumn-Winter 2023 collection.

The “Equestrian Knight” – the historic logo and ubiquitous motif of Daniel Lee’s collections – will also be visible in the form of chalk stencils on paths and in parks. But also on Black cabs, London’s famous black cabs, adorned with Daniel Lee’s pink motif.


Entitled “Burberry Streets”, the initiative will feature experiences, installations and events in carefully selected cities.


This long-haul journey will take the emblematic knight and his faithful steed in blue or pink versions to other world cities such as Seoul, South Korea, and Shanghai, China, in October.


Setting the House’s symbols and icons in motion


According to the press release, these upcoming events will “[fuse] the brand’s avant-garde vision with its rich heritage, bringing modern British luxury to life in new and innovative ways”.


It will also be an opportunity for Burberry to showcase the brand’s signatures, such as the seasonal checks in Knight Blue, the blue and pink print and the recently redefined Equestrian Knight design.


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Front page photo: © Burberry

Picture of Victor Gosselin
Victor Gosselin
Victor Gosselin is a journalist specializing in luxury, HR, tech, retail, and editorial consulting. A graduate of EIML Paris, he has been working in the luxury industry for 9 years. Fond of fashion, Asia, history, and long format, this ex-Welcome To The Jungle and Time To Disrupt likes to analyze the news from a sociological and cultural angle.

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