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BMW will be the first automaker to use iPhone as a car key

BMW will be the first automaker to use iPhone as a car key

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The German manufacturer has just officialized the arrival of the Digital Key for the iPhone. A way to lock, unlock, start your car and much more. BMW will thus become the first car manufacturer to allow its customers to use the iPhone as a fully digital car key, a further sign of the integration of modern mobile technology into vehicles.


At Apple’s worldwide developers’ conference held yesterday, Tuesday, June 23, the American giant made its new CarKey system official, a function that allows you to transform your smartphone into a virtual car key.


And among the first partners to be able to benefit from this new-generation “key”: the Munich-based BMW, which will thus be the first car manufacturer to enjoy the digital key directly integrated into the iPhone. The goal? To enable customers to use their iPhone as a car key without having to use the manufacturer’s application.


A “BMW Digital Key for iPhone” with multiple opportunities


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