BMW Mottorad launches connected glasses for bikers

Announced at the beginning of July by BMW Motorrad, the innovative ConnectedRide Smartglasses will enable motorcyclists to take advantage of head-up display technology to obtain real-time data useful for plotting their route. ConnectedRide Smartglasses will first be available in Canada by the end of the year.


Can you ride your motorcycle with all the information you need to plot your course, easily and safely?


That’s the promise of BMW Motorrad’s brand-new ConnectedRide Smartglasses, launched at the beginning of July.


As it celebrates its centenary this year, the famous German dealer’s motorcycle subsidiary continues to forge ahead. This is demonstrated by its latest innovation, which is even more practical than the augmented reality helmets already offered by competitors such as Forcite.


Launch in Canada


If you’re not from Canada, however, you’ll have to wait a little longer to try out these slim, sporty new connected glasses: ConnectedRide Smartglasses will first be available in this North American country in 2023, at a date yet to be specified. And for a price of 750 dollars (690 euros).


“What was still considered science fiction a few years ago is now becoming reality” with the innovative BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses, which “use the head-up display technology already familiar from the automotive sector and project all relevant data, such as navigation, speed or gear ratio, directly into the rider’s field of vision in real time, enabling particularly anticipatory and therefore safer motorcycle riding” explains BMW Motorrad in a release.


Smartphone connection


BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses can be easily connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and an application. The projection can then be positioned and settings selected before or while riding, via the multi-controller located on the motorcycle’s handlebars.


Speed, speed limit, gear ratio and navigation, as well as reduced direction arrows or detailed navigation (with street names, intersections and precise directions…) will be displayed.


An automatic light sensor (to avoid glare), an optical module for secure data transfer and a secure data display in the top left-hand corner of the right-hand lens are also integrated.


Great adaptability


One of the strong points of these connected glasses is their adaptability to users and the weather (a must in Canada, known for its extreme temperatures! ): the design of the smart glasses and their screen can be adapted to a wide range of helmets and face shapes; two sizes (medium or large for a pupil distance of 53 to 67 mm or 59 to 73 mm) are available with four nose pads; two sets of UVA/UVB-certified lenses are supplied with the frame (the first is 85% transparent, for use with helmets with integrated sun visors, and the second is tinted to transform the smart glasses into sunglasses)?


All this with an operating temperature range that goes from -10° to 50° C!


Bikers wearing prescription glasses can have their lenses rectified and adjusted “to the required visual acuity (up to a maximum of 4 dioptres) by an optician using an RX adapter”. Contact lens wearers, on the other hand, can use these smart glasses directly, without any additional handling…


Optimum comfort


Finally, the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses kit includes a case and a USB charging cable, which supplies power to the glasses via the interface on the temple.


Thanks to all these details, bikers will be able to wear their connected smartglasses comfortably, even on long day trips. Their lithium-ion battery provides up to ten hours of autonomy.


But it will also be possible to disconnect at any time and switch off the screen using the button on the left temple, or via the BMW Motorrad Connected app.


All that’s left to do is hit the road, effortlessly follow the instructions and enjoy the ride!



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Featured photo : © BMW Mottorad

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