[Luxus Magazine] Blue Zones: places where life expectancy can be extended

All over the world, there are so-called Blue Zones. These are cities, villages or regions all different, but which have a common point: a population of people older than the average. So legend, myth or reality? Discover if these unique, almost dreamlike places hold the coveted secret of longevity.


With an almost futuristic sound, one can wonder what is the well-kept secret of these Blue zones. Far from technology, incredible advances or any other kind of research, these are actually territories – cities or regions – where the life expectancy is relatively high and where the elderly are in excellent health, and this for a long time, for a very long time.



A few figures


Globally, the average life expectancy is 73.4 years. However, as the days go by, so does the longevity. By the middle of the century, it should reach 77 years, according to projections by the United Nations. Nevertheless, the situation varies greatly from one country to another.


While in Monaco, life expectancy is 87 years, in the Republic of Chad it is around 53 years. After the Rock, the UN World Population Prospects ranking mentions the Chinese administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao, followed by Japan, which is the country where we live the longest among the world powers.


The list is supplemented by Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, South Korea and Spain.


Are these Blue Zones a myth?


But what are these blue zones really? Before looking at the issue, it should be remembered that certain factors are the most determining factors in terms of longevity, such as genetics, the living conditions of individuals and the decisions they make throughout their lives.


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