Bitcoin Cash launches its first functional luxury watch “Encrypto” in collaboration with the Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller

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The Bitcoin Cash brand has joined forces with Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller and the company Regal Assets for the launch of its first luxury watch called “Encrypto”, which is also a physical wallet for Bitcoin cryptomoney.

There was a time when watches owed their existence to the notion of time and its information. Over time, they have become essential accessories for fashion and jewellery, creating an industry of international scope, particularly in the luxury sector. However, this era is over and technical innovations, diverting the original use of watches, have multiplied since then. These innovations imply the appearance of new players in the watchmaking sector: among them we can of course mention Apple with its Apple Watch or Mickaël Kors with the Gen 5 Lexington. But who could have foreseen any association of watchmaking with the millennium gold?


This technical achievement is only available in a limited edition of 500 copies for each gender and between 9900 and 55,000 dollars per piece. The watch has a black strap with green accents and its aesthetics truly pays homage to Bitcoin, with the heart of the dial representing the symbol of the Bitcoin timepiece and being accompanied by a QR code that refers to Satoshi Nakamotoau’s Genesis Blockaddress, in other words the public wallet.


This watch is not just a piece of jewellery even if its appearance might say otherwise. It’s then delivered to its users with a USB key containing a private key. Users can check their wallet balance via the dial or add Bitcoins by turning the wheel.


“Our aim is to create a link between the customer and the watch. As a brand, we are also a trendsetter and do not hesitate to embrace innovation. Bitcoin is the gold of the millennials and the perfect marriage between innovation and personal choice,” said Erol Balivan, Franck Muller’s regional director.


“Free the Money, Free the world” is the baptism of this first functional watch in the world from the Bitcoin Cash and Franck Muller brand. Designed by Tyler Gallagher of Regal Assets and co-founder Mate Tokay, the conclusion is that Bitcoin did not surround itself with the worst for the launch of its first watch. Franck Muller’s luxury watches are not lacking in renown, and Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and Kanye West make no secret of it. Moreover, the Regal Assets company is the first cryptographic investment company to have received a licence issued by the government giving it the authorisation to negotiate cryptos in its cold safe. Combined with TRNG (True Random Numbers Generated) technology, users dont have to worry about the security of their encrypted data.


The revolutionary watch has not escaped the notice of celebrities, Cardi B, rapper Young Thug, model and social network star Jordyn Woods and many others have come forward with this new acquisition.


The association of cryptomoney with the luxury industry is a phenomenon that is more and more considered and used, Franck Muller is no longer the only brand to let itself be charmed by the merits of the blockchain: The luxury watchmaker Breitling has thus joined forces with Arianee allowing the digital certification of its valuable watches. With its partnership with ConsenSys and Microsoft, LVMH is starting to set up a product traceability service. The ultimate objective for the luxury industry is to prevent counterfeiting.





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The editorial team
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