Biennale 1.618 returns to Paris soon

The sixth edition of 1.618 showcases the very best in high-end, responsible Art de Vivre. Taking place from June 2 to 4 at the Carré du Temple in Paris, the show aims to raise awareness through art and science. It also includes a program of conferences to present alternative consumption and production methods.


To mark World Environment Day, the sixth edition of the 1.618 Biennial is back in Paris, from June 2 to 4 at the Carreau du Temple.


Since 2009, the show has selected and revealed the most inspiring, creative and committed companies in all areas of the Art of Living. The number 1.618 is a mathematical proportion derived from the observation of nature. Also known as the golden ratio, it is used in music, art, architecture and economics to explain universal harmony.


“To accelerate the transition to new modes of production and consumption, 1.618 Paris selects alternatives that provide concrete, desirable answers to the priority issues in their sector”, says the event website.



To reduce its environmental impact, 1.618 Paris has adopted eco-design and is carrying out a carbon footprint assessment. Numerous exhibitors will be on hand, including A-bsolument, a vintage radio restoration company, the JEM jewelry house, Precious woods, world leader in sustainable forest management, and the La Chênaie brand of skincare and wellness products.


“Validated by a committee of independent experts, these brands, materials and services stand out for their commitment, innovation and creativity”, it adds.


The challenge of sustainability


Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for 2030, the 1.618 Biennial aims to raise visitors’ awareness of priority issues in fashion, design, jewelry, beauty, mobility, gastronomy and travel.



The show will address the question: “Can we lead a good life without costing the planet?”. To answer this question, it will draw on data from the Happy Planet Index (HPI). Initiated by Nic Marks and now developed by the Hot or Cool Institute, the HPI is calculated on the basis of three indicators: ecological footprint, life expectancy and well-being.


Contemporary art and the Amazon rainforest


The show will also feature the exhibition “Origins – Artists’ views of primary forests”. The exhibition brings together a dozen international artists, selected by Lauranne Germond, founder of the association Culture et Diversité COAL.


The artists’ plastic research “is rooted in a deep fascination for the richness of these primeval forests, primordial spaces of luxuriant vitality. Through the diversity of their mediums and approaches, these creations reveal a desire for reconciliation”, the website continues. “The forest is revealed in all its freedom of expression as the condition for the existence of our humanity and its possible survival.”


The event, in partnership with the NGO Conservation International, will also feature a virtual reality dive into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, entitled “Under the Canopy”.



“Cradle of biodiversity, source of the oxygen we breathe thanks to the colossal trees that relentlessly draw carbon, this essential link in the planetary balance constitutes one of the most important nature-based solutions for combating climate change”, says the event website.


Comité Colbert partner



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Featured photo : © 1.618 Paris


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