Sustainable development : the 1.618 Agency organizes its digital meeting for responsible luxury from November 30th to December 6th, 2020

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The 1.618 talks is an all-digital meeting scheduled from November 30th to 6th December, 2020 by the 1.618 Agency on current issues around luxury and sustainable development. In partnership with Luxus + magazine, the digital talk will offer discussions, inspiration and debates accompanied by its various guests to share their experiences on these efforts and new sustainable methods.


It is a much awaited event for all the players, entrepreneurs, artists and scientists of this new movement on the move who wish to make things happen. The objective is to transform today’s luxury into an “Art of Responsible Living“.


In partnership with Luxus +, HEC Paris, L’ADN and Ushuaïa TV, this whole week of digital immersion will allow all the guests of the 1.618 talks to exchange their ideas, methods and discoveries on the new luxury to come.


This virtual show will put on the table various topics and questions on the future of luxury in France such as the fundamental bases of Sustainable Development to remind the essence of this concept, understand and relearn how to live in a new lifestyle.


But also the role of artistic expression in opening up mentalities and understanding the stakes, the return of fashion shows, eco-designed catwalks, the social and human impact at the heart of this change, etc.


Important guests will be present, including leaders of the creative and luxury industry who will be able to express their experiences and the efforts required by these changes.


For its part, the 1.618 agency is working with these companies who wish to integrate this responsible luxury and change their methods.


Accompanied by the hashtag #togetherstronger, the 1.618 Agency wants above all to congratulate these initiatives, those who want to move things forward and who have become aware during this complicated period that things must move forward in a sustainable way. Society is changing and companies are gradually beginning to become aware of the efforts they will have to make, and this online meeting aims to generate all possible artistic ideas to help them do so by combining beauty, creation, innovation and sustainable development.


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