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Automobile: Lamborghini ends 2022 on a high note

Automobile: Lamborghini ends 2022 on a high note

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The Italian manufacturer, expert in sports cars, has exceeded its targets in 2022, reaching 2 billion euros in sales. And many deliveries are still to be expected for a year 2023, thanks in particular to the arrival of a new model.


The luxury car industry is not in crisis. After Ferrari and Maserati, the figures for Lamborghini, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group, were eagerly awaited. And it is with great satisfaction that the company has unveiled its 2022 balance sheet.


Like its Italian competitors, the carmaker has achieved a very good year 2022, with a turnover up +22% to 2.37 billion euros and a profit up +56% to 614 million euros .


This performance was driven in particular by the delivery of nearly 10,000 combustion engine cars in 2022. This is a record in the history of the brand.


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This success is due in particular to three emblematic models, known and revisited, including the Huracan Tecnica and the Hurus Performante.


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