Aurus Senat luxury sedan now in series production

Monday, May 31st, the Russian news agency TASS announced that the Ford Sollers plant in Elabuga, Russia, is starting serial production of the Aurus Senat luxury sedan.


“As you know, I drive such cars and have been behind the wheel of them several times. It is indeed a worthy and qualitative car, corresponding to all world standards”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin about this sedan.


The brand of the luxury sedan was originally intended to design models for the top leaders and especially for those of Russia. However, the latter has decided to open up to the mass market, even if the prices of its models remain rather high. As an example, the Aurus Senat is sold at a price of 18-22 million rubles, or about €201,000 – €246,000.



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If for now, sales are made through the Aurus gallery opened in Moscow-City, the business district of the Russian capital, there are plans to open dealerships in St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan and Yekaterinburg, if the demand is felt. The capacity of the plant should reach 5,000 vehicles per year by 2024-2025, said Denis Manturov, the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade.


Also, Vladimir Putin, who owns an Aurus Senat, spoke about the ceremony of the launch of this sedan, saying that it was for him a “significant event for the Russian automotive industry, for the national industry as a whole”. He went on to say that he “expects that the mass production of Aurus cars will strengthen the presence of Russian vehicles on the international market, will provide an opportunity to increase exports of high-tech products”.




Featured photo: © Grégory Pelletier


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