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Are luxury hotels and sustainable development compatible?

Are luxury hotels and sustainable development compatible?

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In the era of the climate emergency, luxury tourism is also adapting to the demand of more eco-responsible travelers.


Sustainable tourism is becoming more and more popular. The tendency is to preserve nature, to share, to respect the populations met and no longer to mass tourism and other organized tours.


Eco-responsible travelers seek to minimize their impact on the environment. They also have an important impact on the local economy and culture and work, on their scale, to reduce poverty.


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Eco-tourism consists in travelling in the middle of nature, contributing to the protection of biodiversity. Ethical or solidarity tourism aims to support local populations. We can also mention slow-tourism, which, as its name indicates, proposes to take one’s time by favoring less energy-intensive means of transportation and the discovery of the country’s culture.


What are the motivations of these new eco-travelers?



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Featured photo : © Hôtel Fleur de Loire

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