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Applications open for the “Beyond Leather” competition

Applications open for the “Beyond Leather” competition

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Every year, the incubator “Au delà du cuir” organizes a competition to support emerging French brands. For this edition, applications are open from July 18, 2021.


The incubator of the leather industryAu delà du cuir” (ADC) has announced the opening of its applications from July 18, 2021. The ADC incubator was created in 2012 by the French Footwear Federation (FFC) and the National Leather Council. Frank Boehly, the president of the CNC since 2014 and of the FEC since 2008, was also elected president of the specialized ADC incubator in June 2020.


To participate, a few criteria are required. First, you must be a young brand committed to the leather industry. Then, to hope to be selected among the winners, you must produce a creative and unique piece, but also, for business leaders, you must demonstrate your entrepreneurial qualities and your ability to manage a company in the leather industry.

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