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Alejandro Reynal takes over as head of the Four Seasons Group

Alejandro Reynal takes over as head of the Four Seasons Group

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The board of directors of global hotel group Four Seasons has appointed Alejandro Reynal as its new CEO, effective today.


This Spanish business leader has an extensive resume. Before rising to the top and succeeding John Davison, Alejandro Reynal accumulated more than two decades of executive experience in various global sectors, from business services to telecommunications, before moving into the hotel world.


Early in his career, he held strategic leadership positions at Telefonica and Coca Cola. Starting in 2011, he became CEO of Atento, a global customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services company. This was for eight years.


Since 2019, he was CEO of Apple Leisure Group, owned by Hyatt Hotels and a leader in resort management and travel. A first contact with the Luxury Hotels, before joining today the world leader in the sector.


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