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Accor gets on the luxury track with the Orient Express

Accor gets on the luxury track with the Orient Express

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The Accor group, specialized in hotels, is reinventing itself and creating a new luxury division with the purchase of the Orient Express.

A nostalgic thought for Agatha Christie’s famous Crime on the Orient Express ? The Accor group is bringing this Belle Époque train back to life. From 1883 to 2009, this ultra-prestigious means of transport provided a link between Paris and Vienna, then Venice and Constantinople, before serving other capitals of the Orient, as its name suggests.


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After many years spent in oblivion, the Accor group decided to revive this mythical train by including it in its panel in 2017. It bought the brand as well as all that was left of it. The complete train is now under construction. In 2019, a first launch was planned but it was disrupted by the pandemic and delays in the renovation.


A symbol of refined luxury and Art Deco, this new Orient Express is modernized and sublimated under the artistic direction of French architect Maxime d’Angeac. The Accor group has placed its trust in this master of decoration, who is passionate about the Italian Renaissance. A wooden interior, decorations that oscillate between past and present, bring a resolutely nostalgic touch to this 19th century train.


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