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A fairly quiet start to August for the world’s stock markets

A fairly quiet start to August for the world’s stock markets

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The main European stock markets are starting August calmly. The latter are moving in disorder but with small gaps at the beginning of the session on Wednesday, torn between the publication of some corporate results, the Taiwanese issue and the tone considered restrictive taken the day before by several officials of the US Federal Reserve.


The world’s stock markets are having a fairly quiet start to August, after strong gains in July. In Paris on Wednesday, the CAC 40 gained 0.05% to 6,406.75 points at around 07:40 GMT. In London, the FTSE 100 is down 0.26% and in Frankfurt, the Dax is down 0.24%.


The EuroStoxx 50 index is up 0.07%, the FTSEurofirst 300 is down 0.14% and the Stoxx 600 is down 0.15%.


Several Federal Reserve officials, including “doves” Mary Daly and Charles Evans, said on Tuesday that they and their colleagues remained resolute and “totally united” in raising US interest rates to a level that would more significantly curb economic activity and control inflation.

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On the diplomatic front, China strongly condemned the visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who hailed the parliament in Taipei as “one of the freest societies in the world”.



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