7 chic necklace trends spotted at Fashion Week

The trends spotted at fashion shows this winter are clear: statement necklaces are in. In 2024, expect a return to the ’90s and let your creativity flow. Layering is key, as well as an invitation to travel through cultures.


Here are 7 chic statement necklace styles to beautify your winter.

The brand Zag Bijoux draws inspiration from around the world to reveal every facet of your femininity. Mix and match necklaces to shine brightly on every occasion.


The return of ’90s fashion


’90s icons such as Vanessa ParadisKate Moss, and Kate Winslet inspire the fashion for winter 2024. Accessories take their rightful place among the essentials. Dare to wear an oversized necklace, reinvent the choker, and don’t forget to acquire a black accessory. These trendy elements plunge you back into the ’90s style, 2024 edition.


The choker necklace


The famous “choker” continues its trend this year. In 2024, the choker necklace is finer. The Soen necklace, with its mother-of-pearl in the shape of a rose nestled at your neck, wraps you in its delicate charm. The Goya necklace, set with zirconiums, is flawlessly elegant. Opt for statement necklaces in 316L stainless steel: this durable material does not tarnish, is hypoallergenic due to its nickel-free composition, and maintains a chic look especially in its gold version.


The return of black


The seductive black makes its way into your jewelry box. The Salomé necklace is an enchanting setting that unveils a natural stone. Choose it in black to bring out the diva within you. The black onyx of the Deauville necklace symbolizes courage and power. Assert your femininity with this decidedly ambitious color.


The oversized necklace


What better way to express your individuality than with customizable letter necklaces? It’s also the ideal gift for occasions such as a birthday or Mother’s Day. Shiny letters are available in gold or raw steel. The Quatro necklace features one side with a wide mesh and another with three fine chains. These two aspects come together in a ring, for a trendy and confident look.


Layering necklaces finely marks winter 2024


In 2024, the accumulation of chic jewelry is welcome. Don’t hesitate to match several of your favorite statement necklaces. Their chic enhances the softness of a V-neck cashmere sweater or a slightly low-cut winter dress. Originality is everything!


The multi-strand necklace


Round like the sun, the Hamptons necklace features an airy link chain that catches the eye. In silver color, its textured surface transforms into a moon. The Star necklace is a clever interweaving of chains featuring a star and a disc. Shine among the stars with these jewels that reflect your natural beauty.


The pearl necklace


Pearl necklaces are timeless and can be worn without moderation. Fine and close to the neck, the pearly Zoé necklace enhances a long necklace or a pendant. The Marla necklace, with its alternation of pearly and golden beads, grants you style and presence. You can also combine several necklaces, including the pearl one, for a more opulent look.


Add a touch of mystery to your neck


This winter, amulets and jewels reminiscent of distant shores adorn you with their charm. Intrigue with statement necklaces borrowed from countries around the world. Chic statement necklaces can also reveal your charm with fine and precious pieces. With a refined necklace, evolve with the grace of a Lady Daphne in the cult series “Bridgerton.”


Exotic necklaces


Take a trip to Tahiti with the Marutéa necklace and its natural shells. The Mykonos necklace with its pendants turns you into a Greek goddess. These escape necklaces bring sunshine into the coldest days of winter.


Lucky charm necklaces


Nodding to the Spanish painter, the Velasquez necklace with its small natural stone clover is a true lucky charm available in more than a dozen shades. The fine chain of the Nazareth necklace highlights the nazar (“eye” in Turkish) and becomes your talisman.


There are a thousand and one ways to wear chic statement jewelry with elegance. What will yours be?



Featured Photo: ©ZAG

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