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Wine : Paris hosts the 2023 World’s Best Sommelier competition

Wine : Paris hosts the 2023 World’s Best Sommelier competition

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From February 7 to 12 in Paris, representatives from 65 countries will compete in a new edition to award the World’s Best Sommelier 2023. An event that brings together the most talented in their field, promising a competition at the top.


Every three years, the International Sommelier Association (ASI) organizes a worldwide competition to award the title of best sommelier in the world. After Antwerp in Belgium in 2019, it is France that gathers in its capital the 2023 edition. From February 7 to 12, 2023, the Pullman Montparnasse Hotel in Paris will host the 68 candidates, including 65 countries represented. The event is organized with the sommelier association of the host country. In this case, for this edition, the Union de la Sommellerie (UDSF), chaired by Philippe Faure-Brac, himself named Best Sommelier of the World in 1992.


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