What will be the trends in luxury packaging in 2023?

What emerging trends can we expect to see in 2023? Ed Silk, from global creative agency JDO, gives us his insight.


From research to development and design, the stakes in luxury packaging are considerable. In the UK alone, this fast-growing sector is worth almost £6 billion (€6.9 billion).


Ed Silk, global head of strategy at JDO, reveals 7 trends he believes will shape 2023.




The maximalism trend will make waves: expect an explosion of colours, patterns and things that don’t really go together but somehow work. It’s a nod to the gloom and shutdowns of the past years due to covid. “It’s no longer necessary for objects to match and be in neat sets – there’s more personality in objects that have a heart and have had their own life. It’s about mixing themes with a playful irreverence,” says Ed Silk.


Going for the basics


Not all luxury brands are fans of the baroque movement: some opt for a more minimalist approach.  According to Ed Silk: “The everyday ordinary is enriched with meaning”, offering a “sense of delightful tactility, with considered timeless materials that are perfectly finished, where every element feels precious and carefully crafted – these are investment items to be cherished and cared for”.




Surrealism is another way to counteract the dullness of the day and responds to the desire of many of us to get away from it all. Brands offer original and impressive packaging to stimulate our imagination. Luxury brands do not hesitate to introduce sensory aspects to stimulate each sense, be it smell, touch or taste. “All are considered equally, and the design blurs and mixes them in an eclectic and creative way” comments Ed Silk.






The combination of a quest for home comforts, a return to nature and a desire for peace is driving the next key trend in luxury packaging, namely naturalism. According to Ed Silk, brands are looking for a “holistic and balanced approach to design, with an authenticity of materials that demonstrates care and attention to a specific meaning”.







Informatism is about revealing all the details, providing all the data, figures and diagrams. “Packaging takes us on a creative journey, making us appreciate the product we have in front of us today,” explains Ed Silk before adding, “It’s innovation with a passion for sharing the spirit of invention. Although small, these designs are never boring; they ensure that our attention remains focused on the vision achieved.”






One approach for a designer to be consistently innovative for luxury brands is to completely change the rules of the game. “We are seeing an explosion of anarchic and subversive luxury brands that provocatively hack the established rules and regulations. Disrespectful of convention, they rebel in a playful way and offer an irreverent and humorous vision of prestige to cut through the expectations,” says Ed Silk.




Ed Silk believes that the Metaverse will be a source of inspiration, not only for luxury packaging design in 2023, but also for new marketing methods. “The barriers of physicality will be broken down, giving rise to exclusively digital luxury collections,” he says. “This trend will be particularly welcomed in luxury fashion and beyond as the most sustainable, accessible and inclusive dimension of our future.”



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