Watchmaking: Urwerk returns with a fourth variation of the UR-100

Urwerk unveils a fourth edition of its UR-100 watch. This time, the Swiss independent watchmaker focuses on the speed of light.


Since 1997, Urwerk has aimed to combine the passion for watchmaking with the aesthetics of unconventional cases. The creation of the brand comes after the encounter of two enthusiasts. On one side, Félix Baugmartner, from a family of watchmakers, and on the other, Martin Frei, an artist designer. They come together around a common fascination: the definition of time and how it has traversed through ages.


From this shared interest, timepieces are born that push the limits of earthly temporality to explore that of Space.


UR-100, the space conquest


In 2019, the independent watchmaking house launched the UR-100 model. The time display is carried out on three central carousels that move from right to left on a minute arc. A first reference to the space landscape, this detail is based on the path of the Sun from east to west. An additional touch: the watch displays the distance traveled by the Earth, every 20 minutes, at the Equator, as well as the distance covered by the Earth in its revolution around the Sun, also in 20 minutes. Gadget? Certainly. But it is also a technological jewel of great appeal for astronomy enthusiasts.


Urwerk decides to offer variations of the model in 2022 and 2023. For the two respective editions UR-100V “Time and Culture”, the measurement principle remains the same but the reference points differ. The measurement is no longer taken from the Equator but from Mexico for one edition, and then in ancient Mesopotamia in the city of Ur, which gave its name to the brand (completed with ‘werk’, which means factory, in German).


New chapter

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Featured Photo: © Urwerk

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