Patrice Besnard deciphers preconceived ideas about the world of watchmaking

On 23 November this year, Cavalier Bleu published a new book by Patrice Besnard, entitled Idées reçues sur l’horlogerie. In partnership with France Horlogerie, this book retraces the history of the expertise of this goldsmith’s craft.


Idées reçues sur l’horlogerie was published by Cavalier Bleu on 23 November 2023. Its author, Patrice Besnard, has spent most of his career in the watchmaking industry. In particular, he was General Delegate of France Horlogerie and EuroTempus, as well as Deputy Director of France Industries Créatives. The France Horlogerie organisation, which helped to create this book, has been working since 1947 to represent and promote the French watchmaking industry worldwide. It is represented by Jean-Pierre Bodet, its President.




The book contains everything you need to understand today’s watchmaking world. The preface is by Nicolas Dufourcq, Director General of BPI France. Idées reçues sur l’horlogerie takes up the history of this expertise, before focusing on the watch itself. French watchmaking is examined in detail, and a small dictionary of the vocabulary used in the craft is included to give readers an even better understanding of the profession.




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