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Watchmaking: the fourth edition of LVMH Watch Week arrives in Singapore

Watchmaking: the fourth edition of LVMH Watch Week arrives in Singapore

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Today and until January 12, LVMH is organizing the fourth edition of LVMH Watch Week.  For the first time since its creation, the show will take place in the garden city, in Singapore.


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The first two years, the event dedicated to watchmaking, was held in Dubai. Last year, partly due to the health crisis, the edition was held in digital mode. But in 2023, LVMH wanted to drop its timepieces in another iconic city of luxury and fashion, namely Singapore.


Since its inception, LVMH Watch Week has focused on innovation and the promising future of the industry. The number one luxury goods company, its organizer, is showcasing its prestigious watch brands: Bvlgari, Hublot, TAG Heuer and Zenith. The aim is to let them preview the most recent models of their collections and other exceptional pieces.


It is reserved only for journalists and retailers from around the world. The general public will have to wait for the official release of the new collections before they can admire or even purchase them.


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