Tridente: Maserati’s new membership programme

After electrification and a culinary establishment, Italian automaker Maserati launches its brand new membership program, available from a dedicated mobile app. It includes a set of content, services and experiences of all kinds, to discover without delay.


This brand new subscription service, named Tridente, a nod to the symbol of the house’s vehicles, is the very first initiative of the Maserati manufacturer, aimed at bringing it closer to its customers.


At a time when luxury brands pay particular attention to customer loyalty, the Italian company intends to strengthen its ties with its customers through its new Tridente platform.


In addition to the (big) nod to the brand logo, Tridente is based on a tripartite shape. First there is the first membership, Blu, free on registration, reserved for passionate and car enthusiasts. Then, Platinum, dedicated to the owners of a Maserati and finally Diamond, which presents itself as the highest level of the range, addressing only the owners of a supercar Project24 or a GT2.


What does Tridente contain?


Program members can access a range of exclusive benefits, depending on their membership. Members of the Blu club can discover the history of the brand as well as preview products. Platinum members can purchase limited edition vehicles, customize accessories and participate in many experiences, such as private tours of the Modena factory in Italy.


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Featured photo : © Maserati

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