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Tourism: Saudi Arabia to record figures in 2023

Tourism: Saudi Arabia to record figures in 2023

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Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb said last Friday that the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia has recorded historic figures in terms of occupancy rates and number of foreign visitors.


A great start to the year for Saudi tourism. Last Friday, the Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb said that the number of visitors arriving in the Kingdom reached 2.4 million during the month of January and 2.5 million visitors in February. These historic results echo the wishes of Mohammed bin Salmane, Crown Prince and Prime Minister since September 27, 2022. The latter had said he wanted to make Saudi Arabia and the Middle East the “new Europe”.


The Minister of Tourism unveiled these good statistics during his speech at the fifth monthly meeting with investors and citizens of the tourism sector in the Kingdom. A large number of owners and investors in the tourism sector from various regions of the Kingdom participated in this virtual session.


The Ministry of Tourism has trained more than 100,000 young Saudis, including 10,400 abroad. To achieve this, the government has spent more than 400 million Saudi Riyal ($106.48 million).


“Their employment is the responsibility of the ministry and, therefore, everyone should cooperate to achieve this goal”, said the minister.


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Al-Khateeb also praised the good performance of the hotel industry in the Kingdom. He said the strong support of the leadership has also had a significant impact on achieving these successes. Last December, the Ministry of Tourism launched 10 new regulations aimed at developing the tourism sector.



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