Tourism: luxury trends for 2019

Virtuoso, considered as a reference in terms of predictions in the field of luxury tourism, has unveiled its annual report on future trends for the year 2019.

By Hélène
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The agency has drawn up its barometer by interviewing travel specialists and advisers in some 50 countries, and the first observation is obvious. Travellers want trips that are more and more like them and thus push the personalization of their expedition to the extreme. They do not hesitate to formulate increasingly specific requests according to their desires. As detailed in the study, customers want to be in control of their travel, even until they decide on the number of their hotel room or the location of their table in a restaurant.


More than just a trip, customers are thirsty for discoveries and want to live unique experiences. The accommodation may be unique and amazing, but what is important nowadays is to get off the beaten track and discover some unusual places: they like to sleep in huts in the trees or in a tent in the middle of the dessert. But the traveller also wants to experience things for himself and not for just anyone. Premium customers will ask, for example, to make an appointment for them in a luxury shop for shopping enthusiasts or to have tickets purchased for a sports competition. An outing to a museum? Yes, but outside opening hours and away from the crowds for a special moment. A meal in a restaurant? In short, travellers are increasingly expressing their personal desires, provided that an influential personality accompanies them.

The perfect picture

In times of instagram and appearance, travellers also want to travel the world seeking for the perfect photo. They want to reproduce photos they have seen on social networks and are even ready to stage themselves to better immerse themselves in the place. For example, they no longer hesitate to wear traditional clothing.

The report also reveals the destinations most targeted by their wealthiest clients. In 2019, Japan is expected to lead the so-called “emerging” destinations, followed by Croatia and Iceland. Overall, Italy, France and South Africa are attracting this luxury clientele.

The Millennials, for their part, favour Italy, Thailand and Iceland, where families give priority to Italy – again -, Mexico and Hawaii.


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The editorial team
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