Tiffany & Co: Sophie Joly appointed General Manager for the France-Benelux-Monaco region

After having lent her talents to two other Lvmh Group brands – le Bon Marché and Sephora – Sophie Joly takes over the reins of the American jeweller’s France-Benelux-Monaco zone. She had already been with Lvhm for two and a half years, overseeing merchandising and customer value management for the EMEA region.

Sophie Joly takes over the reins of France, Benelux and Monaco at Tiffany & Co, as General Manager.

She brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the American jewelry brand, which she joined in January 2022 as VP Merchandising & CVM (customer value management) for EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa). And this after the iconic jeweler had passed under the control of Lvmh a year earlier.

According to some market observers, his work has enabled Tiffany & Co. to make remarkable progress in terms of personalized, immersive luxury experiences.

A rich career at Lvmh

For Sophie Joly, this is a new milestone in an already rich career at Lvmh, particularly in luxury retailing and customer experience, notably in France and Europe.

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Featured Photo: © Talbot

Picture of Sophie Michentef
Sophie Michentef
Sophie Michentef has worked for more than 30 years in the professional press. For fifteen years, she managed the French and international editorial staff of the Journal du Textile. She now puts her press, textile, fashion, and luxury expertise at the service of newspapers, professional organizations, and companies.

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